Chilli Powder Jar

Chilli Powder Jar

Product Description

Moittry Chili Powder is produced from selected high- grade red chili peppers, hygienically grinded and packed with modern technology to ensure the desired red color like homemade Red Chili Paste, and real hotness. It contains Capsaicin (the main flavoring compound for hotness), and Capsanthin (the main natural red dye compound) to maintain the real taste of chili. It adds the perfect spice level and rich color to any meals. It is processed, and packed in a controlled environment to prevent any risk of contamination.



Red Chilies.


Product Features:

  1. Moittry Chili Powder is made from freshly picked dried chili peppers.
  2. It is hygienically grinded and packed with modern technology.
  3. Premium in Quality.
  4. Product of Bangladesh.
  5. It adds rich earthy flavor and deep color to any meal.
  6. It spices up all dishes.
  7. Moittry Chili Powder is perfect for meat, poultry, and vegetable dishes
  8. It has excellent antiseptic, antibacterial properties.
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